Global Agency Platform (GAP)

Asia & Beyond

GAP (Global Agency Platform) is a business platform for individuals seeking to expand their portfolio or venture into the telecommunications industry. GAP enables individual to be a mediator agent between Green Packet Global and customers for negotiation deals – taking into consideration of common culture, language and trust between agents and local customers – in establishing our products and solutions into new markets.

Benefits of being a GAP agent:

  • Complete control of time and rewards. You decide how much time and effort you want to put into the business.
  • Push yourself and live up to your potential. No compromise with shareholders or board of directors. – Be your own Boss!
  • Freedom to quickly change direction as needed, thus enabling you to adapt quickly to the constantly changing market.
  • Availability to resources from cashflow, manpower, equipment, administrative, routing and even finance services.
When our agents succeed, we succeed. Whether you are an existing telco agent looking to expand your portfolio or just starting in the field with good business network connections in the telecommunications industry, Green Packet Global will be with you in running a successful and lucrative business in global communications and digital infrastructure. Agents are assigned with a dedicated and knowledgeable manager to help them through every step of the way – pre and post-sale.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Anyone who would like to build their own business and expand their portfolio.
  • Previously employed in the telco, data, or digital infrastructure industry and have good business network.
  • Currently in the global communications industry in-depth knowledge and broad experience in Voice Routing, Data Connectivity Leased Line (Dark Fibre / IRU / IEPL / IPLC) and A2P Messaging.
  • Limitations due to capital and resources.

Starting your journey as a GAP agent is not complicated. Before you jump into it, you need to have a clear idea of how the Wholesale Voice (Voice Routing), Wholesale Data (Data Connectivity Leased Line), and A2P Messaging industry works. On , please complete the form with your details, business case/proposal and click on submit.

GAP is an outreach program to explore new/untapped Wholesale Voice (Voice Routing), Wholesale Data Connectivity (Data Connectivity Leased Line) and A2P Messaging market, particularly in Asia and beyond.

All you need to do is connect with us. Submit your contact details, business case/idea/proposal on how to improve/influence new Voice Routing or Data Connectivity Leased Line or A2P Messaging in your location by utilising Green Packet Global solutions. Our managers will follow through with you to complete the business case/proposal.

The team will review each case to ensure that it is a suitable and legit business case/proposal and revert by 5 working days.

You can make up to 30% of gross profit generated from the successful business case.

An example calculation of what you can make: 

     Successful deal signed off with operator         USD$      1,000,000

–  Cost from provider                                                USD$        850,000


     Gross Profit                                                            USD$        150,000


GAP agent commission (30%)                               USD$          45,000


* Example calculation for understanding purposes only.

How much you make is dependent on your business case/proposal and how big a volume that is agreed and signed off with the telecommunications operator. Your earnings would be calculated based on an agreed percentage. This will be worked out in detail with the manager that is assigned to you.

Yes. GAP is open and accessible globally. Any agent with a business case/proposal having requirements for Wholesale Voice (Voice Routing), Wholesale Data Connectivity (Data Connectivity Leased Line) and A2P Messaging can be a part of GAP. More solutions would be available when it is launched. All you need to do is present us with a business case/proposal.
All business case/proposal remains private & confidential between Green Packet Global and agent.
No. GAP doesn’t charge any membership or subscription fees to join.

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Take this opportunity to explore and build your business. Ready to get started? Our team is on hand to assist you with your venture into the wholesale market.
Green Packet Global (formerly known as NGT Networks) is among the largest and fastest growing neutral wholesale carrier of international voice and data traffic in Asia and the Middle East. With our recursive consolidation strategy, we continually focus on sourcing and building reliable and quality interconnectivity. Green Packet Global has enabled our values customers to maximise their end-user value at competitive prices.